Harry & Larry’s – We Care About the Planet

At Harry & Larry’s we believe that looking after the planet and doing our bit for the environment is everyone’s responsibility – both as individuals and companies. Over the past few years, we’ve implemented new systems and products to reduce waste and our footprint on the planet.

Recyclable tubs
Δ You can re-use your Harry’s Ice Cream tubs and use them for storing everything from your favourite nuts in the kitchen to nuts & bolts in the garage. Just give them a thorough wash and rinse and you’ll be surprised how handy they can be.
Δ Our tubs are made of recyclable PET plastic (Polyethylene Terephthalate) so when you do need to throw them away, make sure you put them in your recycling bin so they can be put to good use and turned into new containers or items such as carpet, furniture, tote bags and polar fleece.

Our Production facilities
Solar and Rainwater harvesting
Δ When we built our new production facility we wanted to make sure we were as energy efficient as possible so we started by installing solar panels on the roof, supporting our own electricity needs but also putting power back into the energy grid.
Δ We’ll also install a system for rainwater harvesting so that run off water from our roof can be used by our Local Council for watering trees and cleaning streets. This project will be completed by the end of 2019.

We believe that giving back to the local community is an important part of what we do, supporting local communities and charities and those who might need a helping hand.

Local Communities
Harry & Larry’s have been working with the Salvation Army and Fare Share for many years, supporting these charities with product donations and volunteering our time and experience to work with their food production teams.
We also donate thousands of mini tubs of Harry’s Ice Cream to Kids Day Out for the Good Friday Appeal, raising funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Local Farmers
Our philosophy of using Australian Dairy means we support local farmers, including Kyvalley Dairy) and wherever possible, we source our ingredients from Australian businesses.

fareshare cooking

Harry’s Ice Cream Supports Good Friday Appeal

At Harry’s we think it’s important to give back to the community, which is why we support the Good Friday Appeal raising money for the Royal Children’s Hospital. We’re on site with Nova 100 at Kid’s Day Out, serving our delicious ice cream in exchange for a gold coin donation, all going to help the nurses and doctors at the Hospital.

Harry’s Ice Cream Supports Good Friday Appeal


Harry’s Research Pod

We are always looking to find out what you want from your ice cream. Which flavours you love. How we are doing.
Recently we ran Focus Groups with a handful of Harry’s fans – it was a great night and we received some fantastic ideas on what you’re looking for.
Stay tuned to find out more about our exciting plans.

Harry’s Research Pod